To fully exploit and maximize the value of one’s IP portfolio, it is necessary that business owners conduct regular audits to identify and evaluate their intangible assets i.e. assessing their IP rights worth.

Our IP Portfolio Review and Management service offers a pragmatic and strategic approach where we first understand our clients business policies and then carve out tailored solutions to help them monetize their IP Assets keeping in mind their business interests. We also assist clients to prioritize, reduce or expand their IP Portfolios, aiding them derive to decisions which are in alignment with their long term business goals.

We also provide assistance to clients in protecting their IP Rights, maintaining the records of their IP Rights, monitoring their authorized use, reviewing their ownerships on time to time basis, negotiating Assignments, licensing and franchising agreements. To ensure comprehensive and efficacious management of IP portfolios, we also conduct regular market watches to safeguard the interest of our clients.