Trademark File Registrations

Dubai has recently announced a 34% increase in the number of trademark files registered for Trademark Protection in 2019 as compared to the previous year. The remarkable progress achieved by the Dubai Economy reflects its sincerity and dedication in protecting Intellectual Property (IP) along with enhancing business competitiveness in the Emirates. Also, in 2019, the commercial agency files registered 127% as trademark owners and commercial agencies globally continued responding to the Intellectual Property Protection drive enthusiastically. The number of trademark files registered at the Dubai Economy’s Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in 2019 reached 5,157, and during the same period, 50 commercial agency files were also registered. The figures for the same were 3,844 and 22, respectively in the previous year.

According to various reports, the US brands stood first corresponding to the trademark files registered in 2019, with 1,585 trademark files or 31% of the total. The UAE stood next with 818 trademark files or 16% of the total. Also, the German brands saw a rise of 7% with 373 trademark files. The top 15 source countries for trademark files registered in 2019 include Japan, France, Italy, India, Britain, Switzerland, China, British Virgin Islands, Canada, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

As per the CEO of CCCP, Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, the increasing number of trademarks and agencies registered in 2019, shows the Dubai Economy’s utmost importance in attracting the highest-quality and best brands from around the world and offering multi-channel IP Protection. He further said that the 34% rise in the number of trademark files registered also indicates how the brand owners have recognized the importance of the retail sector, purchasing power, and healthy competition in Dubai for protecting their Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

In 2019, the Intellectual Property Protection Department in Dubai received 298 complaints corresponding to the issues of Trademark Infringement, which was only a marginal increase of 1% in comparison to the previous year. Meanwhile, between 2018 and 2019, the trademark infringement cases from commercial agencies showed a decline of 17% by going down to 35 from 42.

As per Dubai Economy, US trademarks were a part of 58 of the total trademark infringement complaints filed in 2019, while French and Emirati brands were involved in 43 such cases. Brands from Germany, Japan, UK, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy were also involved, and the remaining complaints of trademark infringement were related to 24 different countries. The leading category of goods involved in these complaints was that of perfumes with 35 cases. Next in order were cosmetics, skincare, personal care products with 30 cases, phones, clothes, jewelry, and accessories with 28 cases each, leather products and bags with 14 cases, motor and machinery with 11 cases, and eyeglasses with 10 cases. Other issues of trademark infringement were in the context of education services, cleaning tools and powders, energy drinks, lamps and electrical appliances, cans and casings, building materials, oils and greases, pharmaceuticals, inks, tobacco and smoking accessories, and electronic devices.

Nevertheless, on the significant achievement of Dubai, Lootah said that the Dubai Economy’s efforts are for positioning Dubai as a sustainable city firmly and a gateway for competitive business both locally and globally. He also stated that Dubai is looking forward to offering an attractive environment for local and foreign investments and enhancing confidence among businesses and customers.