a Copyright Lawsuit

The American video and photo-sharing social media network, Instagram (owned by Facebook Inc.), has quite recently made it crystal clear that the users shall require permission to use the embedded posts of other Instagram users on third-party platforms or websites. To be specific, the same implies that if a user on Instagram wishes to embed someone’s Instagram post on another platform or website, then he or she must ask for a Copyright License from the owner, else he or she can be subject to a Copyright Lawsuit.

According to a recent report, the Facebook-owned social media platform will not be providing a copyright license to the users to display embedded images on other platforms or websites.

Most of the Instagram users across the globe had believed that embedding images instead of directly hosting them provides insulation against the copyright claims.

In a recent statement delivered, a Facebook company spokesperson mentioned that while Instagram’s terms and conditions allow the platform to grant a sub-license, it still doesn’t grant one for its embedding API. He further stated that Instagram’s policies require all third parties to have the necessary rights in place from the applicable rights holders, which also includes ensuring that they have a license to share the content in question (if a license is required under the law).

Many experts believe that Instagram is now actively exploring more innovative ways for users to control embedding. As of now, the only way photographers can put an end to their posts from being embedded on a third-party website or platform is by having a private account on Instagram.