Copyright Infringement

The social media giant Facebook has quite recently clarified its guidelines revolving around the music added in videos and made improvements to the Copyright Infringement notifications received during live broadcasts.

We all love music, and people love using music on their all-time favorite social media platforms as well. However, most of us do get confused at times by Facebook’s guidelines corresponding to the way we can use recorded music in our live videos, on both Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, Facebook has now clarified its set of guidelines to help users avoid all the copyright infringement related issues. The platform has efficiently improved its in-app notification mechanism during live broadcasts so that the users get more time to respond before having their sound cut off.

Facebook has always stated that it looks forward to encouraging the musical expression at all times while ensuring that the same is in line with its contracts and agreements with the right holders. It believes that such legal agreements have brought people together around music on Facebook and its other platforms.

Facebook has now enhanced its limitations concerning the amount of recorded music that can be a part of live videos or broadcasts. The general guidelines, which shall help you significantly in planning your videos better are as follows:

  1. There are no limits on a few aspects like the music involved in Stories or the traditional music performances such as a band performing or a live artist filming.
  2. The more are the number of full-length recorded tracks in a video – the more it is likely to be limited. Hence, the experts recommend opting for shorter clips of music.
  3. There should always be a visual component attached to a video, and the recorded audio should never serve as its primary purpose.

On both Facebook and Instagram, the guidelines are the same across recorded and live videos. Additionally, they are valid for all types of different accounts, be it profiles, pages, or verified and unverified accounts. In the scenario where your video includes recorded music, you may not be able to use the same across the globe as Facebook has not yet rolled out its music feature everywhere. However, you can make the most out of Facebook’s Sound Collection at no cost. It includes thousands of tracks for use in videos shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has also changed the way it notifies the users who broadcast potentially problematic music. It is exceedingly annoying to have your stream interrupted, or a few parts of the audio muted for containing some copyrighted music. Therefore, Facebook has now minimized all the interruptions and made the notifications crystal clear. With this, the live streamers get adequate time to adjust their streams without getting interrupted. Moreover, if a video is muted or blocked, then Facebook explains the appropriate actions, which a user can take to stop the interruption.