Liverpool Football Club’s attempt to trademark its city name (Liverpool) has recently met with Trademark Opposition from the Liverpool City Council (LCC) and Mayor, Joe Anderson. In July, the club received immense criticism for filing the Trademark Application; to which, the club argued by saying that the proposed trademark is only for the context of football services and products. Their move to trademark the city name also sparked opposition from City of Liverpool Football Club, with whom, Peter Moore, the CEO of Liverpool, along with independent retailers and others, had met in early August to allay their fears.

For that meeting, Moore stated that he had met with City of Liverpool FC to discuss their trademark application for ‘Liverpool’ in a football context for services and goods. He further said that they are only trying to protect Liverpool FC against the issue of counterfeiting and not targeting small businesses or clubs in any way.

Now, Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, has made an official decision to oppose Liverpool FC’s plans. He even tweeted that he has informed the club about the decision he made along with LCC to oppose their attempt to trademark the city name, Liverpool. In his tweet, Joe also mentioned that he doesn’t believe LFC can trademark their city name. Although he values his relationship with the club and shall continue working with them for removing counterfeit products; however, he will also protect the city’s brand and its local traders.

Regarding brand protection, an unrelated statement on the official website of Liverpool FC says that their global appeal and success has somehow made them the target for counterfeiters who wish to abuse their content or affiliate with them without offering any investment. Furthermore, the website also states that the brand protection team of LFC works tirelessly to protect LFC and its supporters and partners from those who wish to exploit them.