With the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic, the humankind is going through a new and unprecedented experience. In many countries across the globe, the basic human life has come to a standstill. There’s a growing realization that even after the pandemic is over in the immediate sense, the world, as we know, may never be the same again. Without any second thoughts, this is not a prediction for what is to come; instead, it is a window into what is in store for most of the nations. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with what may happen in the coming months and how the same is going to affect the general human and social life.

1. Continued Social and Physical Distancing

social distancing

We no longer have the good old days when people used to rush towards each other and express their love, affection, and care through physical contact. In the post-COVID-19 era, maintaining physical distance from everyone around you shall become a compulsion. There will be limited attendance in workplaces, shops, restaurants, and other similar places as well. Moreover, there will be proper markers for people to stand in a queue.

2. Human Health shall become a Public Record

health record

Keeping all the data and information related to your health private shall no longer be an option. A lot of countries around the world have already started using some apps, which generate a QR code corresponding to a person’s health for determining whether he or she can be allowed entry to an establishment or denied. Such apps also show the travel history of people and their previous points of contact. Hence, all in all, human beings must remain safe and secure in all aspects and at all times.

3. Compulsory Health and Temperature Screening


Health and temperature screening shall become a compulsory and viable practice before entering any public place. Any signs of an increased temperature may result in a denial of entry at the public places or may even lead to compulsory hospitalization by the concerned authorities in the worst-case scenario. Therefore, it would be wise enough to admit the fact that temperature screening shall now be much more in effect and serve as your valid password.

4. No Travelling for Leisure

It is a matter of fact that yes – the travel and tourism industry has been hard hit by the ongoing situation of crisis. Managing accommodation shall prove to exceedingly arduous for a traveler on the lack of proof of him or her not being infected by the novel Coronavirus. Traveling itself shall prove to be extremely difficult as airlines have been instructed to leave a seat’s gap between the passengers, which shall, in turn, make the air tickets more expensive than ever before. Passengers shall again be asked to present proof of their well being through test results and temperature screenings. Besides, the passengers shall require self-quarantining themselves after every travel for some specific days.

5. Increased Levels of Stress, Confusion, and Anger

The practices of social lockdown and self-isolation are already leading to increased levels of traumatic stress, anger, and confusion, and the levels are only going to rise in the coming future. The fear of infection, restricted access to the supply of daily essentials, and the experience of economic and financial loss are further creating a lot of problems in the day-to-day life of humans. Consequently, the stress and anxiety levels may soon result in increased alcohol consumption and domestic and family violence.

6. Closure of Schools, Online Teaching, and Additional Pressure on Working Parents

As children are the most vulnerable class of society, their exposure to the outside world shall be largely avoided in the future as well. Schools are closed, and online learning models are already put in practice. However, there shall be extra pressure and burden on the working-class parents. The real reason behind the same lies in the fact that the traditional sources of childcare have always been the grandparents, who themselves now belong to the most vulnerable groups. Hence, young individuals shall go through an exceedingly tough state of mind and strict schedule while taking care of both their elders and children.

7. Less Face-to-Face Interactions and More Virtual Jamming Spaces

While considering the extremity of the current global situation, people have already begun avoiding real-time interactions and choosing online communication tools. Even in the post-COVID-19 scenario, people shall keep using the innovations of the digital world and the emerging technologies to close the gap of distance between them and others and recreate the human physical connection.

8. Booking Spaces Instead of Seats in Public Places

The way the virtual life is seeing a lot of innovations and going through many changes, real-life may experience something similar as well. When it comes to public places like cinemas, museums, concerts, live shows, and so on, there is quite a possibility that people may look forward to booking an entire space in the future in place of seats to make sure that they are not in any physical contact or close quarters with the strangers.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, the coming times shall prove to be challenging for one and all; however, our best response depends on global cooperation, empathy, and community building that sit at the heart and soul of our every movement. One can never deny the fact that a productive workforce and the highly engaged employees can do wonders in dealing with the worst possible circumstances. Therefore, we should keep calm, make the most out of our skills, and move the needle steadily by implementing initiatives and strategies that benefit the society and economy at large.