Who are we?

Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG), established in 2006, is a law firm with its head office in Mauritius. KIPG exclusively offers pragmatic and proficient legal solutions for all IP Portfolio Management Services to its multi-dimensional IP Right holders. The law firm has been successfully implementing client-tailored strategies and high-tech Intellectual Property Rights related matters like Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Industrial Designs, and so forth.

How do we help our clients in safeguarding their Intellectual Property Rights?

We work with an objective to become the best in the business by offering our clients with practical solutions in a time-effective way. We are known for delivering our commitments, no matter how intricate the matter or location is. Our professional and experienced attorneys have been successfully resolving the most complicated IP related issues and help our clients in securing their business rights globally. We build long-term association with our clients by providing them with a facility to stay in direct contact with us throughout the process.

What are our practice areas?

Our practice areas include trademark, patent, industrial design, geographical indications, domain names, copyright, licensing and franchising, enforcement and custom recordals, IP portfolio review and management.

What are the business hours?

Our business hours are 9:30 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday. However, we are committed to respond to our client’s calls and emails within 24 hours or less.

In which regions of the world do we extend our services?

We provide our clients with seamless interaction and services throughout the regions of Africa, Europe, Indian Sub – Continent, Middle East, North America, Northeast Asia, Pacific Ocean, Russian countries (CIS), South America, and Southeast Asia.

How do we keep our clients updated?

We provide our clients with regular status updates and notifications at multiple stages namely, Filing, Examination/Acceptance, Publication, and Issuance of Grant Certificate. We also keep our clients updated with the regional and national laws, procedures, and day-to-day practicalities.

Is registration of a trademark essential?

Trademark registration is important as it prevents a company or an individual from infringing the rights of others. A trademark is considered as a valuable asset, therefore its registration is necessary to secure and safeguard your business interests.

What other services do we offer besides Trademark Registration?

We offer assistance to our clients in:
OK-SEARCH SEARCH: To determine the viability and availability of their proposed mark for its use and registration across the globe.
OK-PROSECUTION PROSECUTION: Replying to official objections, amending goods and services, drafting of counter replies and oppositions, attending hearings on behalf of our clients, and so forth.
OK-RENEWALS RENEWALS AND RESTORATION: To file timely renewal requests before the Trademark Registries.
OK-RECORDAL RECORDAL OF CHANGES: To successfully record the changes of name and address, assignment, merging and licensing of the registered/pending trademarks that may have taken place with respect to ownership or transfer of rights.

Can trademark registration be valid worldwide?

Trademarks filed in India will be valid only in India although few countries use the trademark registration in India as a basis for filing the trademark in their country.

What is patentable?

Any idea is eligible for a patent if it is useful, non-obvious and novel. The invention should remain disclosed to the public till the time of its application for the patent.

What are the advantages of owning a patent?

The advantages of owning a patent are as follows:
OK-License License the invention for use by third-parties.
OK-Exclude Exclude others from copying, selling, or importing your invention without your permission.
OK-Protection Protection for pre-determined period of time.
OK-Use Use it to set up a business.

What is our IP Portfolio Review and Management Service all about?

Our IP Portfolio Review and Management Service serves a practical approach where we first strive to understand the needs of our clients and then strategize to carve out custom-built solutions which can monetize their IP assets while securing their business entities. We also make sincere efforts to ensure the long term business goals of our clients by prioritizing, reducing, or expanding their IP Portfolios.

What does it mean to “license” your work and how do we do it?

Once you become the owner of your Intellectual Property, you can provide authorization for others to use or exploit your creation. Such authorizations are referred to as “licenses”. We offer assistance to our clients in drafting and negotiating licensing agreements about different Intellectual Property Rights related matters.

How do we assist our clients in dealing with the infringement of Intellectual Property Rights?

On behalf of our clients, we draft cease and desist notices to infringers, and also file or defend infringement lawsuits before the appropriate forums. We also safeguard the business interests of our clients from alleged infringements by registering their rights with the custom and border control agencies. As a part of our IP Rights Enforcement Services, we also conduct investigations, raids and seizures, and carry out regular market watch for our clients.