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FDA Abbreviations

What is the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the oldest comprehensive federal agency responsible for consumer protection. It is a part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The agency exercises authority for conducting inspections of facilities in foreign countries that supply food and pharmaceutical products to the US. Therefore, it is essential for the food and pharmaceutical plants in all these countries that export to the US to adhere well to the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) as per the FDA guidelines.

Moreover, the FDA is also in charge of advancing the public health by putting in the effort to speed up innovations that make medical products more affordable, safer, and reliable.

Overview of FDA Approvals

It is imperative to make a point of the fact that FDA approval depends on the type of product that one intends to market in the US. Below are the product types that require FDA approval in the US to address the safety-related concerns:

Animal Drugs

Animal Drugs Learn More

Biological Products

Biological Products Learn More

Color and Food Additives

Color and Food Additives Learn More

Food Additives for Animals

Food Additives for Animals Learn More

Human Drugs

Human Drugs Learn More

Medical Products and Devices

Medical Products and Devices Learn More

Why FDA Approval is Necessary?

The US is the major market for many pharmaceutical and food companies. The FDA protects and promotes public health by regulating and supervising the manufacture, import, transport, storage, and sale of all product types mentioned above. All the FDA approved products inform the public that they have been tested adequately for efficiency and safety. Without FDA approval, such products can't be marketed in the US (at least, not legally). Therefore, FDA approval is necessary for all the companies that manufacture or commercialize the product types mentioned above in the US. It is mandatory for such companies to place their products on the US market and establish their genuine identity as a supplier to the nation.

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  • We can help you with all aspects of FDA compliance, including mock audits and inspections, gap analysis, writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS), forms, reports, Form 483, and warning letter responses.

It is well known that the FDA regulatory landscape keeps changing from time to time as the agency often comes up with a new set of rules and guidance documents. However, that is nothing to worry about as the dedicated team of professionals at KIPG review every regulation thoroughly for fully understanding the FDA's expectations of the industry.

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With vast knowledge and noticeable experience as a highly-efficient provider of FDA compliance assistance, KIPG offers the following services:

  • International Quality System Regulation (QSR)/Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) Inspections

  • Biomedical Monitoring (BIMO), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Audits

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Functions

  • Risk Analysis and Assessment

  • Third Party and Vendor Audits

  • Due Diligence Audits

  • Process Validation

  • IT-Related Audits and Validation Support

*Whether you require FDA registration, labeling compliance, or detention assistance, KIPG is there at all times to assist you in all aspects!

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