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Layout Designs' Protection

Layout designs, sometimes referred to as topographies, of integrated circuits, are the 3D placement of some or all of the elements and interconnections that make up an integrated circuit. Such designs primarily aim towards enhancing the performance efficiency of the circuitry within the limits of the materials and technologies used.

The importance of a layout design, the cost of R&D to come up with a new and useful design, and specifically the ease with which a new design can be copied - prompts the need of having its own form of legal protection as an IPR.

How Can We Help?

  • Assistance on the suitability of registration of a layout design;
  • Filing and prosecution of a layout design application;
  • Cancellation of layout designs;
  • Due diligence support for licensing and litigation;
  • Negotiating and settling registered layout design disputes; and
  • Enforcing layout design registration rights against infringers.

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