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These terms and conditions shall be fully applied to your use of our website. To use this website, you must officially agree to accept all the terms and conditions written in here. You must not use our website if you do not approve or agree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions. The information available on this website is only for general assistance and by no means should it be considered as a legal advice/agreement for any legal service.

Intellectual Property Rights

You must acknowledge that Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) and/or its licensors are the owners of the intellectual property with respect to this website including trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and goodwill, and all the other material available on this website.

Website Use

The users are specifically restricted from the following:

  • Publishing any website material in any other media without prior notification to the company;

  • Selling, distributing, copying, sub-licensing and/or otherwise commercializing any content available on the website;

  • Infecting this website with any malicious or duplicate content that may cause harm to the website, or to any individual or business entity;

  • Interfering with any content available on the website;

  • Engaging in data mining, data extracting, or any other similar activity with respect to the material available on the website;

  • Using the website to engage in any sort of advertising or marketing; and

  • Using the website in a way that contradicts the applicable laws or regulations.

Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) may restrict your access to any area of this website, at any time, in absolute discretion. Further, your user id and password corresponding to this website are confidential and you are highly advised to maintain confidentiality as well.

No Warranties or Accountability

This website is provided as is and Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) expresses no warranty or accountability of any kind related to the material available on this website. Kashish Intellectual Property Group is not responsible for the accuracy or authenticity of the content uploaded on this website, and nothing contained on this website shall be interpreted as advising you.

Limitation of Liability

In no occasion will Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) or any of its members, directors, or employees, will be held obligated for any activity, elucidation, or assurance, emerging out of your use of this site whether such risk is under contract. Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) alongside the entirety of its members, directors, and employees will not be held at risk for the exactness and unwavering quality of the substance on this website in view of the incessant changes in the Intellectual Property Laws.


You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses arising in a way related to your breach of any of these terms and conditions.


If any provision or part of this agreement is observed to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable under any applicable law, such provisions will be expelled without influencing the legitimacy, lawfulness, and enforceability of the rest of the provisions in perspective on this.

Variation of Terms

Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) is permitted to revise or modify these terms and conditions at any time, and by using this website you are advised to review these terms and conditions on a regular basis.


Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) is permitted to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions without any prior notification. However, the users are not permitted to assign, transfer, and subcontract its rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions comprise the entire agreement and understanding between Kashish Intellectual Property Group (KIPG) and its users and supersede all prior agreements and understandings.

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