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Plant Varieties' Protection

Plant varieties' protection and plant breeders' rights are specifically designed to allow plant breeders to protect new varieties of plants. Any plant genera or species can be protected in this way, including agricultural, horticultural, and ornamental plants; however, to obtain protection, a new plant variety must be:

  • Distinct from existing or commonly known varieties;
  • Homogenous or uniform; and
  • Stable

How Can We Help?

  • Advising you on the filing, processing, and attainment of plant varieties' rights across the globe (wherever possible).
  • Safeguarding your rights in administrative proceedings against third party oppositions and/or initiating opposition proceedings against new varieties that may infringe upon your rights.
  • Representing you before the Courts of Justice against potential third party complaints or against third parties that may cause detriment to your rights as the plant breeder.
  • Providing you with an all-inclusive plan to protect your plant varieties.
  • Monitoring the proceedings of different examination stages to prove the registrability of your new plant variety right.
  • Managing the protection of your new plant variety right globally.

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