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IP Valuation Service

The term 'IP Valuation' refers to the process of determining the monetary value of IP assets. For being able to sell, license, or enter into any commercial arrangements based on IP, business companies and individuals require putting a value on their IP assets. Furthermore, IP valuation proves to be beneficial in the internal management of IP assets, enforcement of IPRs, and several financial processes. 

How Can We Help?

Without any doubt, IP valuation can prove to be exceedingly challenging for many businesses, irrespective of their sector or size. KIPG holds significant experience in identifying and valuing key IP assets. Our IP valuation team consists of professionals trained in accounting and finance, business analysts, and IP experts. While focusing on individual conditions, valuation concepts, and real-time, hard-market data, we give our clients a fully adapted report on IP valuation covering all the legal aspects, market value, and future technology orientation.

IP Valuation Scenarios - We Perform IP Valuations for the Following:

  • Litigation
  • Financial reporting
  • Gift and estate reporting
  • Transactions
  • Business restructuring and realignment strategy
  • Transfer pricing

Our IP Valuation Services Include:

  • Purchase price allocation/business combinations
  • Goodwill and intangible asset impairment/impairment testing
  • Collateral/insurance valuation
  • In-process research and development
  • Financial reporting and tax valuation
  • Discount rate calculations
  • Defensive asset valuation
  • IP risk management and negotiations prior to joint ventures and partnerships

IP Fee Calculator

IP Fee Calculator

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