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Domain Names' Registration & Protection

These days, domain names are considered to be an inseparable part of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), which form the business identity of the rights holders in the virtual world. Domain names have undoubtedly become much more than merely representing the websites of companies and have attained the status of being business identifiers. Hence, it has now become imperative for the rights holders to protect their online business identities from unauthorized use by third parties and develop legal strategies integrating Domain Name Protection to strengthen their IP portfolios.

At KIPG, we offer comprehensive legal services for protecting, managing, and enforcing the clients' domain name portfolios worldwide. We assist our clients with availability searches, filing for domain name registrations, handling renewals, etc. We assist in the drafting of cease and desist notices to infringers and/or responding to cease and desist notices on behalf of our clients. Besides, we extend our services to file or defend infringement lawsuits before the appropriate forums.

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IP Fee Calculator

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