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Utility Model Protection

A utility model is a patent-like IPR that protects the new technical inventions. It grants the rights holders a limited exclusive right, which allows them to prevent others from commercially exploiting the protected inventions without their consent/authorization. As compared to patents, a utility model is generally cheaper to obtain (less stringent requirements like a lower level of inventive step) and maintain, has a shorter protection term, and a shorter grant lag - which is why they are also referred to as petty patents, short-term patents, innovation patents, and second-tier patents.

There is no specific definition of a utility model as it varies from one country to another. In general, utility models are specifically considered well-suited for protecting the inventions that make small improvements to and adaptations of already existing products or that have a short commercial life.

How Can We Help You in Securing Utility Model Protection?

We help our clients obtain Utility Model Protection (wherever available across the globe) either directly or with the support of our trusted network of associates and attorneys. 

  • We advise our clients on whether or not a utility model offers better protection for a new invention than a patent.
  • We assist our clients in conducting novelty and infringement searches. 
  • We draft, file, and prosecute if required utility model applications through the grant. 

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