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Labour Law Compliance Management and Payroll Service

In the last few years, compliance with labour laws has gathered enormous momentum. Moreover, compliance corresponding to employees employed via off-roll employees and contractors is facing more challenges nowadays as the law recognizes the principal employer as the one responsible if the contractor fails to comply. Labour Laws Compliance Management has utmost importance associated with it, considering the reputational risks and legal implications attached to non-compliance.

The dedicated team of professionals at KIPG is equipped with background and domain knowledge of labour law compliance management and payroll to efficiently assist companies in becoming law compliant by making the compliance management process simple and easy.

We Can Help You With:

  • Advising on applicability of various labour laws in setting up operations in different parts of India
  • Registration of business Unit as per ESIC Act & filling of ESIC return along with contribution on regular basis
  • Payroll Management
  • Arranging registration certificate under Shops & Establishment Act of respective states in which business unit is situated
  • Arranging registration certificate under Professional Tax Act of respective states in which business unit is situated
  • Filling of Professional Tax Returns & deposit of Professional Tax with the respective tax authority
  • Maintaining Registers as per various state & central Act pertaining to HR/Labour matters
  • Filling of various HR Return needs to be filed as per various state & central Act

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