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KIPG - Known for Delivering Strategic & Consistent Law Services Globally

Broad Reach:

Our clients enjoy seamless service and presence throughout all the regions across the world.


With a team of highly experienced lawyers having a deep understanding of the international, regional, and national laws and procedures, we focus on serving the diverse legal needs of our clients professionally and competently.


We are a continually growing firm determined to provide prompt response to client inquiries and deliver time-effective services, viz.:

  • We generally reply to an email within 03 to 04 working hours.
  • If a detailed legal opinion is required, we acknowledge the email immediately and provide our elaborated comments within 02 to 03 working days.


We endeavor to develop and execute client-tailored strategies to provide proficient legal solutions.

Regular Updates:

We provide service at every level.

We get things done in a timely manner. We offer real-time status reports and notifications through our e-portal at multiple stages corresponding to the different services that we provide. As a part of all our legal services, our updates include a weekly update on our progress and the current tasks that we are working through on behalf of our clients.

Related to our legal services, we also provide regular updates on regional and national laws, procedures, and day to day practicalities in adopting the formulated laws.

Centralized Management:

  • Single point of contact
  • Centralized file management and invoicing
  • Single invoice per matter – only pre-approved quotes are invoiced

IP Fee Calculator

IP Fee Calculator

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