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Patent Registration/Patent Filing and Drafting

Novelty/Utility Searches

Our Patentability Searches involve the US, WIPO, EPO, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and hundreds of other foreign jurisdictions. We also conduct an in-depth search of Non-Patent Literature, including related electronically available journals, websites, technical literature, manuals, books, articles, and blogs.

Patent Validity/Invalidity Search

We provide Validity and Invalidity Search, which helps in confirming a patent's enforceability or invalidation. We also conduct a thorough patent and non-patent literature search to identify the prior art literature for invalidating the impugned patent. Potential prior arts, along with the bibliographic details, are covered in the report. Furthermore, the report also includes mapping of the relevant text of the identified prior art literature. Additionally, antecedent and enablement issues, non-compliance to the duty of disclosure, etc., are also analyzed to make the report more concrete and definite. Moreover, we carefully scope the search to focus on the most relevant sources.

Freedom to Operate Search

Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search identifies the third party enforceable patents and patent publications, which help the clients in assessing the risk of potential infringement in a particular jurisdiction. Product Specification/Invention Disclosure is compared with the claim language of the patents. The legal status of the enforced patents and patent publications is also provided with this report.

Claim Chart Construction

We tackle Patent Claim Charts from almost every technology discipline, depending on client requirements and business objectives. Claim charts are integrated with other analyses such as validity/invalidity, infringement, licensing support services, or due diligence. Detailed element-wise mapping of infringed claim is also provided by us to justify the infringement or invalidity of the patent.

Invention Disclosure Development

Being a part of Invention Disclosure Development, we provide the inventor with the prior-art existing in the domain, which is required for further refining the invention. We provide complete end-to-end support from fructification of an idea to prior art search and patent drafting.

Design Patent Search

We provide Design Patent Search in the US, Europe, and all over the world. Our team of experts search for registered designs worldwide and across various databases, including Hague Express, RCD Online, and on Websites of individual patent office(s) around the world. The search also includes Locarno Classification based search.

Patent Landscape

We provide a Patent Landscape report to understand the particular technology or domain, its evolution, strength, technology leaders and their patent strategies, technological positioning, their chronological changes, and filing trends.

Patent Drafting

With a substantial amount of experience in patent drafting, we understand, analyze, interpret, and draft patent applications to perfection. We have a strong team of patent agents and technologists who work in systematic internal processes to understand your invention and deliver quality patent drafts. Our patent drafting team can draft provisional and non-provisional patent applications in various domains of science and technology.

Patent Filing

We cater to providing filing of Patent Applications emphasized by a proactive post-filing approach to minimize formal rejections/objections raised by the patent offices. We provide services in filing the ordinary application, convention application, PCT international application, PCT national phase application, application for patent of addition, and divisional application.

Office Action Response

We have extensive experience in assisting various corporations, IP, and law firms around the globe and in preparing a complete response to rejections/objections raised by the local patent offices. The quality of every OAR is maintained by an internal three-level quality check review of technical inputs by a technology expert, legal review by a patent agent, and bibliographic data/formatting by peers. We are committed to providing accurate technical inputs in a time-bound fashion with an appreciable cost advantage.

IDS Generation

We assist clients in filing Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) in various patent offices across the world by uploading the references on docketing software and helping them search any citations possible on the web. The same allows the clients to submit relevant background art or information to the concerned patent office during the patent prosecution process.

File Wrapper Analysis

We provide the patent file wrapper reviews and histories. Specifically, we can return searchable PDFs with translations, if required, through email or a secure FTP for bulk orders.

Patent Proofreading

Our proofreading service includes finding errors in the patent meticulously. We have multi-step quality control and quality assurance processes, methodologies, and deep industry experience. We do run automated checks along with a proper manual analysis as per the checklist. Moreover, we identify and report all errors with advice/ comment, which may be in the interest of the inventor.

Our team can access the copy of the issued patent and the file history documents from the USPTO public or private PAIR. Our proofreading process takes into account all office actions, amendments, and other changes made to the application post-filing.

Patent Annuity

We assist clients in the timely payment of annuities.


Our recordal service includes the recordal of change of name/address, assignment, merger, and license.


We provide services in language interpretation of patent applications.

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