Trademark Application

During this year’s Apple event held in September, the tech giant had announced that its new iPhone 11 line would feature a front camera capable of recording at 120 frames per second. The same effect, when slowed down, would produce a crisp slow-motion video, which shall be perfect for recording dramatic selfie videos. They called this feature ‘Slofie,’ made from the words ‘Slow’ and ‘Selfie.’ Although it seemed that the term slofie was just a cruel joke by Apple; however, the company has recently filed a Trademark Application for the same with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Even though iPhone 11 hasn’t yet entered the market, the early reactions to its slofie feature were more on the negative side. However, according to the document filed with the USPTO, Apple is sticking to the term slofie which it describes in its trademark application as – downloadable computer software for use in recording and capturing video. That implies that Apple is more into looking forward to preventing other companies from coming up with a similar feature. They wish to put a stop to the creation of counterfeit slofie apps and want slofies to remain exclusive to the new iPhone.

In spite of the prime focus on apps, Apple has not included a slofie mode or slofie app in its upcoming iPhones. The feature is known as ‘slo-mo’ in its camera app and the current usage of this feature only refers to the resulting videos, rather than any app or mode used to capture and record them.

Quite clearly, Apple is hoping its slofie feature would be a success story and help in selling the new iPhone 11 line, which has also incorporated plenty of additional camera upgrades. As per various reports, the tech giant has paid $400 for filing this trademark application.