B-Yond, one of the world’s fastest-growing network AI companies and a leader in operation automation and network intelligence, has quite recently won a Patent for dynamic services allocation in hierarchical telecommunication architecture.

The VP of Technology Realization at B-Yond and one of the listed innovators, Murat Bilgic, said that with the escalation of low latency wireless access technologies like 5G, the dire need for bringing the cloud closer to customers or users is gaining much higher urgency. He further said that B-Yond’s CI/CD methodology focuses on developing an enormous number of edge clouds hierarchically for addressing the inherent scale issues in the present era.

Without any second thoughts, the dynamic provisioning of patents in edge clouds is a crucial attribute for dealing with the abrupt peaks in demand. Now that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted B-Yond with this patent, the technology can efficiently be utilized for automating the deployment of edge cloud from a central point, managing thousands of edge clouds, along with their lifecycles, and simplifying their overall administration.

The CTO & EVP of Product at B-Yond, Rui Frazao, said that patents continue to be one of the strongest indicators of innovation and creativity in technology corporations. He further said that the company is consistently looking out for new, scalable, and more efficient ways of helping Telcos in accelerating the journey to autonomous networks. Now that the first patent has been awarded, the company has several in its pipeline, which shall bring more innovation to its products and the Telco industry, in specific.

Founded in 2017, B-Yond is an advanced life-cycle automation and analytics company, which helps in automating the wireless networks with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The company is a pioneer in operation automation and network intelligence and specializes in developing software for the operators, who wish to capitalize on the move to 5G, and the edge cloud. B-Yond’s technology analyzes and utilizes the most complicated network data for accelerating the time-to-market of new services and products while enhancing the customer experience. With the help of B-Yond’s extensive knowledge and unique solutions in the telecom industry, operators across the globe optimize and monetize their network operations and manage their capital expenditures.