Without any doubt, filing a Patent Application can be pretty easy and convenient if you get to know all the good directions. Are you ready to patent your invention or innovation? Are you looking forward to filing a patent application for the same? Have you finally decided to become a patent owner or holder?

If the answer to every question mentioned above is a big ‘yes,’ we highly recommend you go through this all-inclusive blog explaining how you can do it all. All the crucial things or aspects you might be searching for concerning patent filing are here. So, let us now make ourselves familiar with the four major things you should remember and do before filing for a patent in India.

1. Always Take the Advice of a Patent Attorney before Filing for a Patent

We all very well know that a patent is an exclusive right granted to an entity or individual by the government authority or the Patent Office of a nation. Patent Rights enable the entity or individual to safeguard their invention so that no other entity or individual can manufacture, use, sell, distribute, import, or commercialize it without permission. Filing a patent application to obtain Patent Protection is a crucial process. Therefore, one must always apply for a patent under the guidance of a Patent Attorney as he is the best person to stop people from committing mistakes they generally make while applying for a patent.

2. Keep a Due Check on the Fees You Have to Pay While Filing a Patent Application

All the fees that the patent owner, be it an individual or entity, has to pay concerning the patent are specified in the First Schedule. If you look forward to filing a patent application physically, you must pay an additional 10% fee in that scenario. You can make the required payments using bank draft, cash, or electronic means.

Kindly note that all the payments you’ll be required to make must be in the name of the Controller of Patents. In the scenario where you require transferring your patent application from one natural person to another, the difference between the fees has to be paid by the new patent application and the transfer request made.

3. Never Share Details about Your Patent with Anyone Other than the Patent Attorney

It is the most crucial aspect you need to know and understand before applying for a patent. You must never share any details about your innovation with anyone. Remember, every individual or entity in the market or industry is always ready to cheat on you. Ensure keeping your innovation or invention a secret until your patent gets published in the patent journal. By doing the same, you can save yourself and keep your innovation safe from cheaters, fraudsters, and scammers.

4. Don’t Believe Any Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions in the market about filing a patent application. It would be best if you don’t believe any of such misunderstandings. The most common misconception existing out there is that the patent doesn’t give the owner the right to manufacture, sell, use, import, distribute, or monetize the invention; it only saves the patent owner when some other individual or entity tries to sell or deliver the same invention. Such is not the case, and this misconception should vanish as early as possible. You can take all the recommendations from your patent attorney, and you will undoubtedly get good guidance from them. In case you are a student applying for a patent, there are a few aspects you must note. Firstly, filing a patent application and obtaining patent protection won’t make you rich you famous; it is completely worthless if you don’t make a commercial profit from your patented invention. Furthermore, you must maintain distance from fraudsters saying they can help you file for a patent. Consider getting in touch with an expert in the field of Patent Law and seek his help before and while filing a patent application.