LeBron James Seeks

LeBron James, an American professional basketball player, has recently filed a Trademark Application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the term ‘Taco Tuesday.’ The trademark request states that James wants to use the phrase corresponding to the marketing and advertising services offered by various passive, shareable, and viral platforms and channels like mobile marketing, internet marketing, social media, search engine marketing, and blogging. To be specific, the basketball star is willing to create a brand around his obsession and habit of eating Tacos on Tuesdays.

Irrespective of the fact that this trademark filing may appear to be somewhat off-the-wall, it does make sense. As of late, James has been making sincere efforts to expand his empire past sports into entertainment and various other realms. Without any doubt, Taco Tuesday has become a total event for his entire family. Quite frequently, he is seen on Instagram, posting stories of him eating Tacos along with screaming the phrase, “Taco Tuesday!” Moreover, he has even got T-shirts with the same phrase.

In any case, the extent that trademarks go, ‘Taco Tuesday’ has now become quite famous. The phrase is present worldwide and enormously used. However, the Wyoming-based chain, Taco John’s, already owns the phrase as a trademark for their restaurants and has event sent cease and desist letters to the ones who try and use the phrase. Although they can’t stop every restaurant or cafe in the country that attempts to use the phrase ‘Taco Tuesday,’ they are left having to try; if only so they don’t lose the trademark themselves.

According to various reports, James and his team (LBJ Trademarks) aren’t surely launching anything with the Taco Tuesday name as of now, and are still very much in the exploratory phases. Taco Tuesday will continue to remain a lifestyle for James till the time he doesn’t own any exclusive Trademark Rights for the same.