Benmor Medical, a leading provider of bariatric care equipment, has quite recently won a patent for its innovative Aurum + Bariatric Bed, entitled – “Barrier for a Bed” in the UK and Europe. The newly granted patent by the Intellectual Property Office to Benmor Medical for the bed’s safety rails offers increased safety levels for bariatric patients and also enhances the care delivered by the healthcare professionals.

The Aurum + Bariatric Bed is designed specifically by keeping the practicality and prime features in mind, such as strength, size, integrated weighing scales, patented adjustable safety rails, and width adjustment. All in all, the bed provides a safe environment within which it is a lot more convenient to move and handle larger patients up to 440 kg.

Due to the complexity of bariatric patients, there remains a need to move the patients in and out of bed frequently and administer care to them. Hence, according to Benmor Medical, bariatric beds should have movable safety rails so that the patient could either leave the bed or a doctor could gain access to the patient.

The exclusive patent features on the Aurum + Bariatric Bed range enables healthcare professionals and doctors to store the stowable safety rails within the frame of the bed. As and when required, the safety rails can conveniently be pulled away from the mattress platform, rotated upward in 90 degrees, and locked into that position. For lowering the safety rails, the entire process is reversed.

The safety rails enable the width of the bed to be increased or decreased, and the barrier rail elements can move between the upright or underbed stowed configurations.

The Managing Director of Benmor Medical, Peter Staddon, has stated that Benmor Medical’s patented technologies allow the company to deliver distinctive and superior products while achieving the objective of creating successful bariatric equipment, providing safety to every patient, and improving the care delivered by the healthcare professionals.

The newly granted patent adds to Benmor Medical’s existing patent portfolio and joins the company’s existing patent for the features on its unique Deprimo Floor Level Bed.

As per the company’s recent comments and statements delivered, the newly granted patent marks a significant milestone in Benmor Medical’s history and the improvements to its medical equipment.