Twitter Bans

The American microblogging and social networking service, Twitter, has quite recently kicked off a conservative social media user for repeated issues of Copyright Infringement. Logan Cook is a Kansas man who posts under the name Carpe Donktum. President Donald Trump has praised and reposted his far-right tweets several times. However, now he has been permanently banned by Twitter for posting some viral clips using footage from popular online memes and news pieces.

The video clip, which trump retweeted last week, used footage from the last year CNN story revolving around the friendship of two toddlers, one White and one Black. Cook doctored the entire clip by setting it to ominous music and inserting first a bogus misspelled CNN caption saying, “Terrified toddler runs from the racist baby,” then a clip from the original video before showing the caption, which read, “America is not the problem; fake news is the problem.”

Later on, Tweeted placed a “Manipulated Media” warning label on the video clip. The video was originally posted last year; however, it received a massive amount of attention after Trump’s retweet.

Cook, who keeps posting his work on various websites and platforms, said in a recent statement that his posts are free from the copyright rules and regulations as they are satirical. According to him, Twitter was only looking out for a reason to boot him. He said that the social media platform didn’t like his politics and therefore came up with an excuse to get rid of him.

In the past as well, Cook’s account has been temporarily suspended several times for violating Twitter’s Copyright Rules. Furthermore, he was also suspended for eight years in 2019 when he posted a video showcasing Trump as a cowboy and attacking CNN journalist Jim Acosta.

According to Twitter’s rules and regulations, Cook can’t create a new account to replace the old one, which had even more than 27k followers at the time of suspension.

In the past, Cook has emerged as a prominent maker of right-wing memes by using humor, quite often dark, to condemn journalists and the ones who criticize President Donald Trump. During a meeting with Cook last year at the White House, Trump called him a genius.

President Trump himself has run afoul of Twitter’s rules and regulations as well. This year in March, Twitter had placed the “Manipulated Media” warning on a video clip of Joe Biden shared by Trump.