Drafting And Vetting Of Agreements Service

In the present era of rapid commercialization, contracts and agreements form a critical aspect of every business. Organizations and business firms need to enter into perfect and detailed contracts for minimizing the legal and business risks, which may arise in the future. The experts at KIPG are well aware of such issues and therefore put in all of their experience, time, and resources during the drafting stage of contracts and agreements for protecting the business interests of the clients.


  • Drafting various kinds of business agreements for the clients
  • Vetting of business agreement & advising appropriate changes
  • Providing interpretation advice on various agreements
  • Agreement management, negotiations, & Renewal services

As contracts and agreements are the heart and soul of every business, we emphasize to incorporate the following during drafting and vetting of agreements:

  • Clarity in Definitions
  • Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws
  • Categorical Commercial Terms
  • Termination Clauses
  • Confidentiality
  • Technology Transfer
  • Intellectual Property Ownership and Protection
  • Non-disclosure Agreements and Documentation
  • Clear Obligations of both the Parties
  • Nature of Transactions