Enforcement & Custom Recordal of IP Rights

One of the major issues an IP Right holder faces today is the menace of Counterfeiting. Finding cheap knock offs are not a rare sight now-a-days. The easy availability of such counterfeits has a massive impact on the goodwill and reputation of an IP Right holder along with damaging the business revenues.

To counter these threats, Customs and Border Protection Organizations and laws have been formulated in almost all the countries to ensure strict scrutiny of cross border movement of products and put an end to the circulation of counterfeit goods outside the country’s borders.

Our team of skilled and qualified lawyers has been successfully guiding clients in strategizing their IP Rights enforcement tactics globally and executing such strategies efficiently to safeguard their business interests. We carry out Investigations, Raids and Seizures and conduct regular market watch as part of our IP Rights Enforcement Services on behalf of our clients.

We also assist clients in registering their rights with the custom and border control agencies protecting them from alleged infringements arising from the import of illegal and counterfeit products. We also aid in drafting of cease and desist notices to infringers. In addition, we extend our services to file or defend infringement lawsuits before the appropriate Court of Law.