Geographical indication (GI) Registration and Protection

Geographical indication (GI) is a name, sign or a symbol used on certain goods corresponding to a specific geographical locality, region or country which specifies that a product of a specific origin has certain characteristics, quality and attributes associated with it.

The protection regime related to GIs varies from one country to another. Some countries provide protection through sui generis systems (i.e. having specific legislations for protection of GIs) while countries not having sui generis systems offer protection under collective or certification marks.

We have been assisting the right holders in securing legal protection to their GIs globally in accordance to the laid down laws and practices for almost a decade now. Moreover, we also advice and counsel legal strategies against unauthorized use of a registered geographical indication by third parties. Furthermore, we apprise our clients regularly with updates on Regional and National laws, procedures related to GIs, in our endeavor to provide satisfactory and competent services at all times.